Organization Effectiveness – A Chemical Manufacturer

Organization Effectiveness – A Chemical Manufacturer


Companies often experience rapid growth that strains the organization infrastructure. Such was the case with a chemical manufacturing client of PB&A. Due to international acquisitions and a lucrative joint partnership, the company experienced a growth surge that doubled revenues.

Despite the positive position of surging growth, our client quickly discovered areas of concern. Their infrastructure could not support the transition from domestic to international operations without the addition of new employees, policies and procedures. Current employees struggled within their emerging roles, stretching employee hours to the point of burnout. Due to work-overflow, employees began to lose sight of their primary accountabilities and job focus to the extent that the organization began to lose key management personnel. Moreover, these issues were further complicated by cash flow problems.


PB&A conducted an organization study to identify processes to get business back on track. Working with key executives of each business unit,our consultants determined the roles and resources required to meet the challenges for long term success. After an in-depth assessment of each operating unit, PB&A implemented recommendations to improve the corporation’s infrastructure, internal communications, and compensation to align corporate objectives with bottom line results.

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